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Lemna Featured in State Press News

The team at Lemna is honored to have been featured in a recent news article by the Arizona State University's State Press news outlet. Featuring reporting by journalist Claire Braggs with photography by Kiersten Moss, this article highlights the path that Lemna has been on from academic research within the MS Innovation & Venture Development program, through direct participation with farmers and agricultural professionals.

(Click the image below to read the complete article from The State Press)

"Lemna, operated by a trio of ASU alumni, including Andren as CEO, utilizes a technique called phytoremediation, where living plants are introduced to polluted soil, air, or water to rid them of contaminants via a highly productive aquatic plant called Lemnaceae — Lemna's namesake. Popularly known as duckweed, these vibrant green leaves serve more than just electric aesthetics.”

This article also features commentary from ASU faculty like Assistant Professor Rebecca Muenich and MSIVD Interim Director Brent Sebold discussing the dynamics of both the agricultural challenges and business development opportunities that face Lemna.

Co-Founder & CEO Travis Andren shown above inside the Lemna Laboratory. Photo by Kiersten Moss.

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