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A Comprehensive Nutrient Management Solution for Agricultural Wastewater

Founded in 2020, Lemna solves nutrient management of manure wastewater for livestock farmers in the dairy and swine sectors. Amplifying natural processes of removing excess nutrients and toxins from wastewater within a controlled  environment  growth  system  of  aquatic  plants  that  ensures  regulatory adherence, enables precision farming, and provides farmers with a new revenue stream.

We transform the way agricultural waste is managed and help put livestock farmers at ease about their farm’s environmental compliance. Our technology accelerates natural biological systems to remediate excess levels of nutrients, while removing contaminants within manure lagoon water, before it reaches crop fields.

We’re committed to giving you greater control over your farm's liquid nutrients,

come tell us your farm's story and see how Lemna will help your farm perform better.

Dairy Farm
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