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LEMNA was thrilled to be invited to pitch at the Fresno State W.E.T. Center Innovation pitch event at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA!

If you’ve never been, the World Ag Expo is MASSIVE! Hosting live demonstrations of farm implements, seminar sessions from leading universities, and a range of award ceremonies. Featuring hundreds of vendors showcasing the best of what’s new, and what’s tride-and-true.



LEMNA’s Pitch Event

LEMNA’s 1pm pitch at the Heritage Center

Located amongst the Tulare agricultural museum within the Heritage Center of the International Agri Center grounds; Lemna pitched alongside amazing ventures from the W.E.T. Center’s Valley Ventures accelerator.


Identified within LEMNA’s pitch video above are our 40’ on-farm trial containers. We are currently fundraising to place these containers on dairy farms, hog farms, and feedlots within the Central Valley of California for the duration of one year.


Thanks World Ag Expo!

See you next year!

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